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OLD NAVY HAUL – You will fall in love too!

by Kelly Berger
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Ok so here it is… The OLD NAVY HAUL. I basically did all the shopping and thinking for you, now you just have to point, click, buy. Yes, feel free to browse because I decided to stick with stuff that I have only purchased so far.  Don’t worry, there is so much more to be added from my end but I also encourage you to browse and find your very own favorite things. Also, the best part… everything is an additional 30% off! Woop Woop!

Old Navy is a hidden gem. Just wait, you will see! I tried to break it down a bit into categories. So here goes nothing… Happy Shopping!

Some of my favorite Jackets so far this season… 

The most cozy and comfy sweatshirts at the BEST prices!

The perfect Jeans at the perfect price. If you are a fan of High Waisted, these are your favorite new jeans. 

You may be just as surprised as me on how quickly you fall in love with these sports bras! The price, fit, patterns… all of it gets A+ from me!

I am even sharing some things that I have found are totally necessary for the MEN in our lives! They need to look good if they will be standing next to you, right? 




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