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by Kelly Berger
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We are still stuck in those winter months for just a bit longer… we hope. So, as you start to transition (even when its still a bit chilly) it’s good to add in some lighter colors and show off a bit more skin … as long as you aren’t freezing [keep in mind it is still winter] .

I love a good off the shoulder top no matter what the season but this white off the shoulder sweater you can carry with you into those breezy spring months. I also LOVE a good leather skirt and this one is the perfect combo. High waisted WITH a pop of color. Believe me, I was proud of  myself too for picking something other then BLACK. Here I paird it with some cute gray booties but as those months start to transition some open toe booties or even wedges could work with this combo as well.

If we start to think warmer thoughts, will the spring flowers come quicker? Either way, I guess the only way to fix that is start with these ‘winter to spring transition like outfits’ and before we know it we will be into those spring  months.

Shop my entire look below!

XOXOX. kel

OUTFIT DETAILS: SWEATER  | SKIRT  | BOOTS (not the exact same but very similar & a great price!) |

Model posing with her dog.


Model posing with her dog. Model posing with her dog. Model posing with her dog.Maxi Romper TRANSITION PIECE

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