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Saturdays are for Me – My Long Runs

by Kelly Berger
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I run and I love to run. But Saturdays are different for me. Saturday’s are my “lets see what I got” days.

I try and push myself everyday, some how, some way. And I leave Saturday’s to push my miles. I get the question a lot… “even if you are not training for a particular race do you still run long distance?”

The answer is Yes. Then the question is “why?”

Well, because thats what feels good.

I know it sounds crazy and kind of bizarre but I find myself on Saturday’s wanting to change things up a bit and push myself in a different way then the rest of the week. So, I challenge myself with a long run outside. Now, when i say “long” it can be anywhere from 6-12 miles. When I do not have a particular race in the near future I do tend to pull the milage back a bit and maybe add some yoga in the mix, post run.

But. the way the saying goes for me…  Saturday’s are for long runs.

For me to get outside, hot, cold, rain, snow… whatever it is… put my head phones in and just run.


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