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The QUARANTINE Daily Uniform… and it’s still cute.

by Kelly Berger
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I have a rule… you should never wear pajamas out of the house. I dont care if you have a 3am flight… it does not give you an excuse to wear pajama pants to the airport. Yes, you can be comfortable. BUT, I am a big believer that you can be cozy and cute all at the same time. So, let’s carry that same theory into what is going on in today’s world. We are quarantined… yes. That does not give you an excuse to not get up, put yourself together and make sure you have some sort of structure. Again, it does not mean you have to dress up fancy… but get out of your PAJAMAS!

So, I have made it simple for you. You will notice with all my picks below, they are still comfortable and cozy. BUT, they are also put together, not sloppy and fashionable. These are real things I have been basically living in when I am not teaching classes. Rememebr, I am not saying you have to “dress up” like everything is normal, because its not, but lets still try to put ourselves together somewhat and make this entire “comfortable, quarantine” look fashionable.

Follow Along…

Start with the bottom.

I prefer leggings, joggers or wide leg sweatpants–> 

Now, move to a comfy top layer.

Below are some of my favorite bras and casual tops that pair perfectly with those cozy bottoms –> 

Finally, make sure your feet are the most cozy! –> 

XOXO. Stay Safe Friends


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