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Another OLD NAVY Haul – SPRING Edition

by Kelly Berger


Ok, so you guys LOVED the last one, so I of course had to hook you up with round TWO!

I love the styles, quality and price of Old Navy and I know I have mention this before but it feels like Old Navy has recently  revamped there looks and I am LOVING it. From babies, kids, mens and women’s… they are doing it RIGHT! If you watch closely too, they have the best SALES. Again, all things I LOVE.

I have broken them up in categories below to hopefully help you filter what you need. Keep in mind I like to share things with you that I have purchased and feel that are great for the upcoming season.

Happy Shopping 🙂







Old Navy TOPS: 

Old Navy ACTIVE:

Old Navy JEANS: ( I freaking LOVE OLD NAVY JEANS) Size down in these, you will love them too! 


Old Navy MENS: 





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Another OLD NAVY Haul – SPRING Edition – Kelly's Kloset

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