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ANNOUNCEMENT – Resistance is Here!

by Kelly Berger


The launch of Resistance Fitness is finally here. I know I shared all the details a few weeks back and like I promised I never wanted to make you (my hopeful customer) feel like you were in the dark about ANY of the DETAILS!

SO, asking all the questions and listening to the needs and wants you guys have, here it is. I have laid it out from top to bottom on THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW. And, the best part is if I miss answering any of your questions, I am right here and ready to help! We at Resistance Fitness want to make this a platform that is warm, welcoming and inviting yet still a place where you can kick your own butt and feel your best!

At Resistance we are committed to providing the most value for your money and we want to make everything we offer worth it for you!

Remember all you have to do is… Show up, be your best!

See you on the other side!



What is it? 

Resistance Fitness is a virtual fitness platform FOR YOU. We offer LIVE classes and a MEDIA VAULT filled with archive classes that you are able to access ANYTIME! Classes range from Barre, TRAIN (A strength and full body burn class), Yoga and RUN (coming soon). 

How can I access it?

It’s simple… you can access it right on your computer, ipad, laptop, phone… whatever! We have made this completely user-friendly anytime, anyplace. Just visit Resistancefitnesshq.com and let us know what you think! 

When will this GO LIVE so I can sign up?

We will release the website to the world on Thursday Dec. 10th! Thats TODAY! So click click!

With that said classes will not go LIVE on the website until Wednesday Dec. 16th. This will give you a ton of time to explore the website, check out what we have to offer and tell all your friends.  

How much does it cost? 

Great news, the first 7 days is on us. You get to try it out for free. If all goes well (which we hope it does!) it is just $30 a month. This will give you access to all of the live classes as well as the Media Vault. You will be considered a subscriber and we do have special offers for subscribers only (more details below). If you are not ready to be a subscriber we also offer the opportunity to sign up for the LIVE classes for $10. 

What do I get differently for being a subscriber? 

You have full access to all THREE LIVE classes that will be offered every week. That will include two barre classes and one TRAIN class. You will also have unlimited access to the MEDIA VAULT. Anytime, any place. Within that media vault you will have all past live classes that you will be able to access for up to 30 days and you will recieve three new classes in the media vault each week. On top of all of this YOGA will be a offered to SUBSCRIBERS ONLY. 4 yoga classes will be posted each month and will be catered to help you recover from your hard workouts you conquered all week with us.

Be sure to also keep a look out for Resistance Run which will be released early next year (that’s right around the corner). 

How do I pay?

We take payment through credit card on the website through a secured payment taken through STRIPE. 

Do you pay Monthly? Is there a cancelation fee?

Once subscription membership is set up, There’s nothing to worry about. Payments are automatically applied monthly and can be canceled at any time with no charge.

How many times can I watch the workouts in the VAULT and how often do those videos change?

Each live class will be dumped into the VAULT and will land there for up to 30 days. You will have full access to it as a subscriber and can take the classes however many times you choose. You will also have access to 4 new yoga classes a month in the VAULT as well as some specialized classes offered for subscribers only. 

What if I have more questions of concerns or even ideas to share? 

Thats great! We love all of those things and are ready to listen! You can contact us at showupbeyourbest@gmail.com and obviously you know our CEO is addicted to social media so feel free to contact her at either her @kelbelberger instagram handle or at our very own @resistancefitnesshq instagram handle. 


We can’t wait to sweat with you and grow this community more and more.

Get your mind right and lets do this!


The Team.





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