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WHITE PANTS Allowed after Labor Day!

by Kelly Berger

We know the rule…NO white pants after Labor Day. (See Previous Post – No need to put your white jeans away yet! )


I have written about it before but I feel like this is something I should express more then once. There is a way to rock it and its is totally fashionably acceptable. Honestly, thats the name of the game. Rock the white in a more fall like fashion and you are good to go!

Obviously that leads me to sharing with you my favorite pair of white pants! I have shared them a billion times in many different colors but I really, honestly have a small obsession with these (AND IN WHITE, yes, yes, yes). I have linked them below and feel free to grab them in a few colors since they are so good at such a good price!

A few guidlines when rocking white POST Labor Day:

  1. Pair with a fall like top (Stay away from the bright summer like tops).
  2. Think, “dress the white up”. Adding a more fall like shoe can always give a pair of white jeans  a different feel
  3. Don’t do ALL white. Have white mixed in and allow it to feel more like the accent color to the outfit.
  4. Rock it with confidence. At the end of the day wear what you want and feel good about it.

I also know you all are going to ask about this top… and I am lucky to say that I have had this top for forever so it is no longer available. BUT, I have good news… I love the off the shoulder look to so I have found a few others that you may like that could pair perfectly with these pants! Happy Shopping!




Model wearing blue and white striped top.

Model wearing blue and white striped top.

Model wearing blue and white striped top. Model wearing blue and white striped top. Model wearing blue and white striped top. Model wearing blue and white striped top. Model wearing blue and white striped top.

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