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The $35.00 Dress

by Kelly Berger
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Yes, $35.00 dollars. No, I am not kidding and no, I am not talking about my clutch that is pictured. This dress is 3-5- freaking – dollars. We will call it … AN AMAZON STEAL!

I already know what your first question will be…  but is it actually good and worth it?

I will break down the details for you. It is tight and form fitting but the fabric is so soft. It feels a bit like you are wearing leggings (lululemon align leggings to be specific) making it very comfortable. The one sleeve look I am OBSESSED with and I think this is what makes the dress so cool. When you first hold it up, your immediate thought will be [how does this work]… it just takes a little extra thinking and I had to look at the picture on the website to make sure I was doing it right 🙂 You may initially think its not going to work but trust me,  play with it a little and BOOM, you will quickly realize its FIRE. It’s hot. It’s so affordable and trust me, people will ask you all night, “where did you get that dress”.

One more thing, it comes in some other colors if black is not for your! Try it. Its only $35.00 dollars!



Model wearing a black dress.


Model wearing a black dress. Model wearing a black dress. Model wearing a black dress and leather jacket.

Is that from Amazon?

Another Great Amazon Find!

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