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Bathing Suit Steals for UNDER $30.00

by Kelly Berger
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Its officially summer. Actually, I am not sure if it’s technically considered “summer” yet on the calendar but in my eyes its GO TIME. I know this has been a strange start of the year but bathing suit season always brings joy to my heart. Plus, its the official uniform for every weekend in the summer if you ask me, bathing suits and hoodies for that night time breeze.

So, with that said I figured I would share some of my favorite bathing suit finds. Everyone knows by now I love a good bargain so I am sticking to the ones I love UNDER $30.00. I love and have all of these suits… so ask away with any questions you may have for me. (I know, no girl needs that many bathing suits, but I have them).

Enjoy and go catch those SUNSHINE RAYS!


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