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Another Great Amazon Find!

by Kelly Berger
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It has been a little bit since I have shared a good Amazon find with you. If you are anything like me, I feel like I visit the Amazon Website at least once a day, sometimes twice… I promise it’s necessary! I came across this sweater and I will be honest with you I was questioning it at first.

First, it stated that it was “One Size”. Nope, red flag, thats weird.

Second, it looked too cute. You know what I mean. Like the picture and the sweater on the girl in the picture just looked too cute. Almost too good to be true. Well they sold me and I decided to give it a whirl anyway.

Third, it came in the package that it is ZIP SEALED tight (you know what I mean if you are an amazon buyer). Making you think, should I open this? This had me wonder, what is really going to come out of this package once I let air hit…

Good news. Everything was safe, safe, safe. So much so that I went on right away and ordered another color! Above all, the fit is what really sold me. I love the bell sleeve look and how it is some what cropped and hits right at your waist. Making it easy to tuck in (like I show here) or just let it hang. I have dressed up and made it much more casual and it works with both looks perfectly.

Only $35.00. Comes in great basic colors. It has made it on the list of…therefor, another great Amazon Find.




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