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GET THIS White Blazer!

by Kelly Berger
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Model wearing white blazer with jean shorts.

Let me put it out there. I LOVE a blazer look. Anytime of the year, dress up or down… whatever it is, I LOVE the look and vibe it takes on. As summer approached I saw more and more blazers being advertised. Above all, I don’t always think of it as a “summer look”… but I can always be convinced. I always have an extra layer with me anyway because freezing at all times, so why not make that extra layer a blazer?

Heres the secret and rule I have with all of this, the basic look of your outfit (the bones) must still be cute and put together. Who knows, that blazer may need to come off and you still want to be put together and not like you are hiding under it. Moreover, it should just be the WOW factor.  Since it is summer I love the thought of mixing the casual with the classic. Hence the jean shorts, and then the blazer.

The pictures below gives all the details and shows how you can capture the look but I have listed the layers of the look as well as the links. (I got you:)  You will be looking HOT, trust me.

Bottom Layer:

Jean shorts | White Body Suit

Shoes: A clear or tan heel. (Keep this simple and classy)

Top Layer:

Add the BLAZER and a cute CLUTCH. (If you want to add a pattern to the clutch this is a good option)


model wearing white blazer. Model wearing white blazer with clutch and jean shorts. Model wearing white blazer with clutch and jean shorts. Model wearing white blazer with clutch. Model wearing white blazer with clutch.

A few other Blazer Looks –

All it takes…

The Edgy Work Outfit

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