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The Edgy Work Outfit

by Kelly Berger
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Work outfit? In todays world its hard to pin point what “work attire” is. In my world… the fitness world… we spend most of our days in leggings and crop tops. Therefore, when I put on jeans, the first words out of everyones mouth is always… “why are you so dressed up?” HA, it’s just jeans!

However, on those occasions that I do get out of leggings and have a business meeting, I like to take on a more edgy approach to the business look. I feel like this is something that has been trending lately and I totally dig it. Now, don’t get me wrong, this only fly’s when its appropriate… but when it is, dive in.

The ingredients for an edgy Work Outfit:


OUTFIT DETAILS: BLAZER | BAG  | SHOES (Tan Color)  | SHIRT (Different style but same company) | JEANS


The color that works in every season

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