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Suns out RUNS out. Spring bottoms you need to WORK

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Spring is in the air. I know we still have a few chilly days to get through here and there but all in all we are rounding the corner to the warmer sunshine, SPRING days. That means, GET OUTSIDE AND START MOVING. I know most of us have been forced to get outside more and more to get those chilly runs in… but now, you have no excuse. Suns out, runs out.

To motivate you just a little extra I put together some of my favorite legging & shorts to run in… SPRING edition.

You know I need high waisted always and ones that do not fall down or shift around on you while you are trying to get your FITNESS in. So, these have all passed the test and are recommended by yours truly.

One last thing, I tried to pick the ones I love with the best pricing too… so act fast because these prices don’t always stick around long!




Happy Running!


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