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Cold Weather Runs!

by Kelly Berger

I realize the statement I am about to make most of you will think I am crazy for saying. Honestly when I tell you this, and trust me it has not always been this way but…  I have grown to really like [cold weather running]. So I am convinced that this has something to do with the fact that I played a spring sport most of my life… but that spring sport was sometimes played through some of the coldest days. We had no other choice but to just… deal with it and figure out a way to feel our hands through it all.  So naturally, this is the way I look at my running days that are out in the bitter cold.

The Running…

Like most of you know, I spend 5 days of the week on the treadmill tackling interval training. So when it comes to the weekend I like to hit the pavement and explore the town with a long run. I live in Baltimore which means we experience all four seasons and honestly, we never know what we are going to get. I will say, I think we have been lucky so far this winter with it not being too, too cold… but I don’t believe we are in the clear yet.

With that said, I always think a cold weather run is great for the body IF you are prepared properly. That is a big IF. Please understand, a cold weather run can go south quickly if you do not have the right gear. So, what am I telling you. Get to shopping and make sure you are set with what you need and then HEAD OUT!

I have put together a little guide of how I build my outfit for the low temps from the base up. Hopefully this helps guide you in the right direction and be sure to note my key pieces. These are the ones that make a HUGE difference and in my opinion, what I call… “must haves”.

Base Layer:

Tight tank top: This will be your base layer and keep in mind you want this to be something that is sweat wicking. This will allow you to still stay warm. I know you wont believe you will sweat in this cold but trust me, you will.

My Top Pick: Cool Racer Back 

Warm, Full Length Leggings: These could be fleece lined or not. On the really cold days I go with fleece or brushed lined leggings. This just gives your legs the extra layer and keeps those muscles that much warmer. If you are not going to go with fleece lined or a thicker pair just make sure they are full length and cover your ankles.

My Top Pick: Wunder Under High Rise BRUSHED

Tight Long Sleeve Top: I like to double layer. I like a tank top under my long sleeve. I keep this material pretty thin and if it’s not too, too cold this is the layer I will cut out.

My Top Pick: Swift Tech Long Sleeve Top

Down Running Jacket: Two key words. Down and Running. The down will keep you warm. The running signals that it is flexible and easy to run in. You can not be running around with a puffy coat on. This will make it way too hard to move in. Make sure it is a “running style jacket” but it is build for the COLD. Keep in mind I wear this over the long sleeve and if I can, I eliminate the long sleeve and just wear this with the tank top.

My Top Pick: Down for it All Jacket 

Basic KEY LAYERS: Must Haves

Ear Warmer: I prefer an ear warmer over a hat but this is a non negotiable, you MUST keep your ears warm.

Neck Warmer: This keeps the wind out from creeping in, down your shirt! No thank you.

Gloves: I typically ball my hands up inside the gloves or mittens, but it is a must to keep those digits warm! Side note: Mine NEVER match… whoops.

Fanny Pack: Good for carrying my phone, my keys and you always need a place for your chap stick!

Socks: I do not think you need thick, thick socks… just make sure they are a good pair, not to old and no slip. If you really want to cover your ankles go with the mid socks but you should be moving quick enough those toes stay warm!

There you have it. All the things I make sure I set out the night before to set me up for success in that cold weather.

Here is my motivation.


Go do it. Happy Running. XOXO. Kel


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