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Are they SNEAKERS or TENNIS SHOES – Sneaker Haul

by Kelly Berger

You guys always have a lot of questions about all the different sneakers I wear and own. Truth, I have a TON of sneakers. That being said, I have many more than necessary and many more than the average person. I will say, that “sneaks” go in the category of work clothes for me.  They match my lifestyle and I can’t lie that I love a fresh pair of kicks. Well, at least that is what I tell myself.

I have listed some of my favorites styles below along with what activity should be done in them. Therefore, please understand, I have very firm guidelines on what should be done in what shoe but you always have the option to do whatever you want 🙂

Running Sneaks:

A few guidelines I follow for a good running shoes:

  1. A must have a good amount of support and cushion
  2. Not too expensive. I do not feel like  I need to spend a crazy amount of money to find something that will work for me.
  3. I always add my SUPERFEET inserts in every running shoe.

Kick Around Sneaks:

As for my “kick around sneaks” I prefer a certain look and style in order for me to add them to my stash… it’s simple, they have to be DOPE. I tried to keep what common style I wear and what I keep coming back to over the years.

  1. Good color combos, or stick to fresh whites.
  2. Not a big high top girl. I stick to the lows.
  3. I do not prefer a real flat shoe.
  4. The classic, old school look I love.


These consist of the ones I like to travel in, kick around the house in and just keep handy when I need to toss a pair on. There is no other way to describe these other then my favorite “comfies”.

Spring Season is sneaker season!


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