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Five Shoes I am Loving

by Kelly Berger
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I realize I have a shoe problem. I realize I have a lot of shoes. Ok, I realize I have too many shoes. BUT… the first step is admitting, right?

So, since I have so many shoes … I thought to myself, if I only could pick five shoes RIGHT NOW that I only could wear and pick between… what would those five shoes be?

So here it goes…

New Balance Running Shoes:

“Running Shoes”

You guys know I love to run. I need to run. I need to sweat… and I need a good supportive shoe while doing this. My running shoes are very different then just my kick around sneakers. I have to be sure that I have a lot of support with good heal and arch support. I do not like a real heavy shoe either but support is my #1 thing! I can always find a rocking pair with New Balance and this is my current pick. ***These are one sale right now for under $100.00!

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All Birds
“A kick around sneaker”

I spend a lot of my day a days in the “athleisure” look and sometimes I don’t always want to wear my running shoes. Wait, let me rephrase that… I never want to kick around in my running shoes (those are for running only). So, if my feet are not in slippers they might as well be in something pretty darn close. I have these shoes in 3 other colors and they are so worth every bit. They are made of 100% wool (you would think that is hot, but I promise it’s not) and they feel like you are walking on air. Also one of my favorite pairs of shoes to travel in. Pick your favorite color and just start counting on how many people say, “Are those Allbirds, I love those.”

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Grey Booties

“My everyday bootie”

These booties have it all. They are comfy but they still bring you  height and good width so your foot is nice and cozy all day long. I never want to have to just pick one bootie and stick with it but if I had to, I would go with grey. You can pair gray with a ton and it flows nicely from fall to winter to spring.

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Cold Weather Boots

“Fuzzy boots”

I have the UGGS and every other fuzzy boot out there… and trust me I need them all! BUT for so long I wanted a cozy boot that still looks cute to wear out and of course gives me a little height – because thats just how this girl rocks it. I have shared these with you before but they are so warm an fuzzy all the way down into you big toes. They are true to size and come with  both a tan pair and red pair of laces so you can pick how you are feeling that day on what vibe you want to rock.

***Use code BIGGERSALE and get these as cheep as $79.00 right now! 

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Over the knee Boots

“A must”

The trend is trendy and I love every bit of it. I have them in every color but, again if I could only pick 5 shoes I need something black in there to make sure I am covered for all outfits. No, but seriously these are great. Good heal height and they are a great price point. Pair them with bare legs or rock them with jeans. They look hot on everyone so do not hesitate to pick a color and strut your stuff in them!

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