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Looking for comfort over looks… what?

by Kelly Berger
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Women's feet wearing Crocs

Alright, maybe it is my old age or maybe it is just me not caring what anyones opinion is of me. Honestly, I went through a moment where I was buying things because they were COMFORTABLE. Meaning “looks” came second and “comfort” came first! I never thought the day would come… but it did… and these shoes led the charge.

It came about in about a weeks time and I looked back after the three purchases and thought… “hmm, some people may think these purchases are just not for them, but I don’t care because they are sooooo me and soooooo comfortable.”  (thats what you say when you are old right?)

Ha, for real though… sharing below my most recent shoe purchases that maybe you will get the same satisfaction out of. If not have a good giggle. Details below!

Gotta Love Crocs

Yes, I said it CROCS! I was in the hunt for a pair of comfortable, SUPPORTIVE sandals/ flip flops. My feet are all messed up these days and primarily because I walk around in shoes that do not provide enough support. Well, here is your answer. These feel like you are walking on air! They obviously give you a little height but all in all they give great support. Under $35.00 and they come in other colors if this one isn’t your thing.

Women's feet wearing Crocs

Fuzzy SLIDE slippers

When I came across these I could not pass them up. They were located in the slipper section of target and they fit perfectly there. They are the perfect “in house flip flops.” So much so that sometimes I leave the house with them, forgetting I have them on. No Joke. Whoops. Under $20.00, get them while they still last!

Stud BOW flip flops 

 I know some of you ladies have the “real” version of these. I saw no way and go with the AMAZON version. Why not? If you are looking for support to the feet, these are NOT your thing. But, they are the perfect pool and beach flip flop. They are super easy to pack because they fold up to basically nothing and who doesn’t love a big bow on your foot. Also under $20.00! Can’t beat it.


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