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Leather Skirts – Options

by Kelly Berger
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The leather skirt is a fashion staple this time of year. I own multiple styles and they are all my favorites because I find that I can style them in so many different ways.

Below I will show you how you can dress the look up or rock the look casual. Trust me when I say that if you are not down with one look, keep scrolling because you will find one that fits your style.



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This is the “weekend” leather skirt. It has a tighter, shorter feel and I want you to feel HOT in this look. The skirt I have on here is sold out but I have linked another that is very similar. With this skirt being a bit more fitted it is flattering to pair it with a more relaxed blouse that flows a bit more and one you can tuck in to show off your waistline.  Grab a cute clutch and you are out the door for an awesome night!



This is one of my favorite looks not just because the platform sneakers but the detail on this leather skirt pops and screams fashion. Since there is great detail on the skirt keep your top simple with just a white tank top, add a jean jacket (Jean and leather is one of my favorite combos) and this look you can take anywhere.

As for your kicks, these platform sneakers are truly one of my favorite pairs of shoes I own.  After all they are platform sneakers! If you don’t own a pair or do not think there is anyway you can pull off this look (which I think everyone can), grab a pair of hip, casual sneakers and you are rocking this look like a QUEEN!



You all already know my obsession with high waisted so you can imagine I immediately fell in love with this skirt as soon as I tried it on. When you are going for a more business look, try higher waisted and a little longer in length.  Keep it less fitting through the legs and try and go for the more classic feel. (More Meghan Markle like if you know what I mean.)

I pair this skirt with a simple button down and I pick a higher shoe since the skirt is a little longer to give my legs more length. (Tip: pick a nude shoe, this will trick the eye and make the legs look longer.) The skirt I have pictured is now sold out but I have linked another one I love. Happy Shopping!



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