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Core Workout

by Kelly Berger
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Core work is often over looked and rushed through at the end of a workout. I will admit, I used to do it. It was the end of a long workout and I just wanted to be done but I knew I need to focus a little on my core.

But… that is not going to get you anywhere. You have to work at them just like everything else. What you put in is what you are going to get out of them. And no, you can not just do a ton of abs in the gym and expect to have a chiseled 8 pack.  There is also work to be done outside of the gym with proper nutrition.. and some running in there does not hurt. 

Just keep in mind that having a strong core is so very important for more reasons then just <you want a good looking stomach>  but, lets be serious thats why I do ab work!

Here is a little series me and my teammate Alley Carey like to do together (she introduced this one to me and man its a good one!)

Set your watch or phone some place you can easily see it. Grab anything from a five to ten pound weight. You will be working consistently for a total of five minutes.

Start Your Timer:
Forearm Plank – Hold for 30 seconds
Russian Twist with Weight- For 30 seconds
Repeat this series 5X total (Taking you to 5 minutes total of work)

Add this to your routine and trust me you will start to see and FEEL some differences!





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