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All you need is a BENCH

by Kelly Berger
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Sometimes all you need is a bench for a good workout. Follow this series and you will get a little cardio blast and  an arm burn all in one!

Try it and see what you think! Summer is around the corner so get moving 🙂




1. Chest Push ups:  20 Reps

Hands should be wider then shoulder width apart. Focus on pulling the core in, keeping your back flat and neck long. Lower your chest down to the bench and press back up making sure that back does not round and your butt stays in line with your spine. 

2. CARDIO SURGE // Bench Hops: 20 total (over is 1, back is 2)

Place your hands on the bench and be sure to have a sturdy grip. Jump your feet over the back of the bench to the other side. Right when your feet hit the ground jump right back to the other side. This should be done quickly and controlled.

3. Tricep dips: 20 total

Place your butt on the bench with your feet to the side. Grip the bench with your hand next to your legs so your fingertips are wrapped around the bench facing outwards. Lower your body down to towards the ground bringing your arms to a 90 degree angle and press back up to the start. Your legs can stay straight for more of a challenge or you can bend them for a modification feel.  

4. Repeat Chest Push ups: 20 Total

5. CARDIO SURGE // Repeat Bench Hops: 20 Total 

6. Suitcase Crunch on Bench: 20 Total (out, in = 1)

Find a spot on the bench where you can find good balance when lifting your feet off the ground. Keep your chest proud and place your hands behind you on the bench. Bring your legs to a straight position (keeping them lifted off the ground) and then pull them back into your chest by bending your knees and using your core.  Repeat. 

Repeat this series 3 times through!






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