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THIS Bodysuit – Three Ways

by Kelly Berger
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Ok Ladies, this bodysuit is E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G. I will admit that when I ordered it I was unsure with what the quality would be. But I was pleasantly surprised and it became a quick favorite.

I think bodysuit season is a year round thing and this one in particular is perfect for any time and all the time and heres why…

  1.  It is so easy to dress up or dress down.
  2. Its easy to put a cute outfit together starting with the jumpsuit and changing up what you pair the bodysuit with. Sharing those details below!

LOOK 1 – Add a skirt

Here I made the look more dressy by pairing it with a leather skirt. It is the time of year where leather is always a good idea and adds the perfect flare to any outfit. If leather is not your look you can pair the bodysuit with any  cute, high waisted skirt and it will work perfectly. I would pick a skirt that has color rather then just black, this will add a pop to the look. Strap on some heels and away you go!



LOOK 1 – The jumpsuit look. 

Adding a pair of nice pants that are the same color gives you a “at home jumpsuit”.  Ok that sounds a little ridiculous but what I mean but that is you suddenly went from just a bodysuit and by adding the perfect pant you have this cute jumpsuit look! I prefer these pants from AMAZON for almost everything but, really any high waisted black pair of pants could work with this look. I also think when you add a wider pant leg it really flatters the entire look since it is already very body hugging.


LOOK 1 – Keep it simple, add jeans. 

Keep it simple. High waisted jeans, heels.

There is not much more too it and it is the perfect look for a casual dinner with a little extra pazzaz to the outfit.


Incase you cant find this bodysuit in your size because it is low on stock… I found a few others for you that will work just as good for accomplishing this look.  

SHEIN: One Shoulder Ruffle Backless Bodysuit – $12.00 – Multiple color options

FOREVER 21: One Shoulder Ruffle Trim Top – $25.00

H & M : One Shoulder Flounced Bodysuit – $35.00

FOREVER 21: One Shoulder Flouncy Bodysuit – $10.99 – Light Pink Color only



Another Favorite Body Suit Look – I’m back, It’s Monday and Yellow Pants are a Must

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