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Holiday Hair

by Kelly Berger
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When you have best friends that are good at what they do, you always have the ability to stay at the top of your game. Thank goodness for me, one of my best friends, Angela, works at an amazing local salon here in Baltimore called Studio 921 (all information is listed below).

Studio 921

E Fort Ave #108 Baltimore, MD 21230

I was in a pinch and headed out to a holiday bash and wanted to mix it up a bit with some simple holiday hair. Now, you have to understand when it is your best friend you probably become the worst kind of client. Thank goodness for Ang, because I immediately become a little bossy telling her what I want and I speak in … well lets say… I do not use professional hair terms when describing what I want. Leaving her guessing and laughing at me. Lucky for me though Ang gets me and was allllllllll over it.

Basically, I wanted to have something done that I could also try at home on my own. Something a little different then my everyday look and simple enough that I could do it!
I asked if she could share her steps as to how she did it all. She agreed and she is letting me share them with you!

Check it all out below and be sure to check Angela and the rest of the gang at Studio 921 in Baltimore ASAP. You will not be disappointed!


Prep the hair. Always  spray a leave in conditioner in the hair. My personal preference is UNITE 7 SECONDS. I love this product because it is lightweight, nourishing, and aids in thermal protection. Use the wet brush to comb through the hair. Follow it up by using BEACH DAY for added volume on the roots and U OIL for shine and smoothness. Using good products on the hair makes your hair more manageable and gives a good foundation for your desired look.

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Power dry the hair 80% of the way to take out most of the moisture before you put a brush to it. Then section the hair so it’s easier to work with and it is completely dry.

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Something to Remember:  

Be sure to use good brushes on your hair. A few I love are Boar Bristle Brushes and IBIZA brushes. They are best for protecting the hair against the heat of the blow dryer and giving shine to the hair.


Now to the curls! Using a quality hot tool is key in making sure you have high heat of 425 degrees. Section off the hair and coat each section of the hair with hairspray prior to curling. Then taking one section at a time use the curling iron and curl. Remember: DO NOT TOUCH after curling. It is important to let them cool so they won’t fall. After you complete all sections spray again with hairspray.

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The last step is very important. Run fingers through the curls to separate. Use a texturizing spray for added volume and hold. My favorite texturizing spray is UNITETexturiza Dry finishing spray.

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