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To the studio…

by Kelly Berger
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A question I get a lot as a full time fitness instructor is … “Kelly, what is your day like?” — and my response is always, well it depends on the day. Sooooooo, lets take one of my more packed days, T U E S D A Y .

—5:00am, Alarm – 5:30am, Go for a Run – 7:00am, 1st Spin Class – 9:30am, Barre Class – 12:30pm,  2nd Spin Class – 2:00pm, typically a private training of some sort- 3:30pm, Frisbee time with R E M Y – 5:30pm, 3rd Spin Class — RELAXXXXXX

It is a packed day for sure but a day filled with passionate, driven and awesome people I get to push just a little further and show them how to demand more from themselves.

With that said you can imagine in between all the classes and trainings there are a billion other things I am trying to scratch off my To Do List—

just. like. you.

So, I always have to make sure I can pull off the {I am just running around in cute leggings and a top look} not the {Hi, my name is Kelly and I am super sweaty and do I look a hot mess because I kind of feel like it?}

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So as I set my clothes out the night before {Yes, I have to do this in order to make sure I am NOT that HOT MESS at 6:30am when I am running to my first class and can only think about coffee}, I make sure I always have a few extra clothes. Ones that I can pull off and just slip on when maybe I am running to grab coffee with a girlfriend in between classes. Or, headed to TARGET after barre class and really don’t want to see anyone but you know you will run into everybody as you step just two feet inside the door.

Hopefully my tips below will help you when you are trying to pack your bag for whatever day you have ahead of you. For your sake I hope that day includes a kick ass workout (maybe with me) and a meet up with the girls post class. Here are some tips and tricks to make that transition from class to happy hour seamless.

A few things to keep in mind—
  1. Try and keep patterns simple or stay in the same color scheme. This way you can mix and match and everything just flows together. You will look way  more put together then maybe you feel.
  2. Put some hip sneakers in the bag. Not your everyday running sneakers (those look raggedy). Buy some cute sneakers (like this) and use these for your “Kick around, running errands sneakers”.
  3. Add a cute jean jacket or toss in a stylish sweatshirt. This will give it a more “Lifestyle” look and less of a workout feel. You also may need it once your body cools down and the chilly temps are coming.
  4. Lastly, never forget the Dry Shampoo. I have many favorites and I will list them below. But trust me— a few “spritz- spritz” and you are a new woman.

Dry Shampoo favorites:

Good luck and trust me on packing the bag the night before thing. It sets you up for a much better way to start your morning and a cute outfit post class!

Thanks for following along in this crazy thing we call life.




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