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The One Piece Fad is BACK

by Kelly Berger
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I can remember going to the pool as a kid, playing all day in the water, getting home that evening with a bathing suit tan line that still looked like I had my bathing suit on once I took it off (thats how tan I was) and my only concern was how much my eyes stung from all the chlorine. What a life.

Then I grew up and it was bikinis and trying to get the least amount of tan lines I could. I think… or I know that I am still in this bikini phase… until just like everyone else I continued to see the “one piece” pop up every time I was browsing during my nightly online shopping scrolls. I found myself starting to think… wait, these are kind of hot (meaning sexy not temperature hot, obvi- but, you do have to make sure the fabric is not to thick, we will get to that…)

So… with all that said, I caved. I bought some one piece bathing suits.


Yes, I did say some. Because, if you know me at all I have entirely to many clothes simply because … I love clothes (and yes, in my world bathing suits count as clothes).


SHOP THIS LOOK: Xhilaration – Cut-Out Embroidery Trim One Piece Swimsuit

I thought, if this style is coming back, I want to be a part of it. And from the look of all the babes I have seen at the pool and the beach this summer, so does everyone else. Trust me, sometimes I think the One -Piece can be sexier then a bikini… BUT I am not giving up the bikini full time yet, a girl just always needs options- duh!

I love all of these styles as well as the perfect price on some! I tried to narrow it down to just my top 7. I know 7 is a random number but I couldn’t narrow it down any more. So, check ’em out and let me know what you think.  You will find the one I am wearing is listed below and its under $30.00! Summer is far from over if you live on the east coast so order now and have them by next week.

I would love to hear if you are down with the one piece fad and of course- thanks for following along in this crazy thing we call life.




Xhilaration – Cut-Out Embroidery Trim One Piece Swimsuit  {This one is the one I am wearing, its also under $30.00}

Nanette Lepore – Front Keyhole One Piece Swimsuit  {Similar to the one I have on and comes in many different prints} 

Farktop – High Waisted One Piece Bathing Suits Sexy Tie Knot Front {A little bit more skin exposure on this one, if you are looking for sexy this is it}

Tempt Me – One Piece Deep Plunge {Flattering colors offered on this one, and a little more booty coverage if thats your preference}

Victoria’s Secret – Studded High Leg {Vegas pool party go to}

Victoria’s Secret – Keyhole Front Tie {The hybrid bikini and one piece smashed together}


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