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The Denim Jumpsuit

by Kelly Berger
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Denim, denim, denim. Its classic. It never will go out of style … so why not turn it into a jumpsuit to make it that much better. Now, I will say I have seen some pretty tacky denim jumpsuits that I am totally not a fan of. I have done my research though and have picked a few (all shapes and sizes) and I have faith you will find one in the mix you could pull off. Because, like I said… denim is C-L-A-S-S-I-C. Anyone can rock it and it never goes out of style.

Check’em out…

[PICTURED] Strapless Chambray Wide Leg Jumpsuit- THIS ONE IS STILL IN STOCK. Grab it while it is still available. It is some comfortable and can easily be dressed up or worn more casual. Under $25.00 and perfect as we move into warmer temps!

Ruffles Sleeveless Jumpsuit – An Amazon find and I love how this adds ruffles in to give it  more gentle feel. An amazing price as well that you can not beat! (Under $20.00) 

Cutout Denim Jumpsuit – On the more expensive side but the perfectly placed cutouts drew me to this jumpsuit right away!

Wide-Leg Utility Jumpsuit- This one gives a bit more coverage because it is short sleeve… but, still gives your body shape because of the added drawstring at the waist.

Overalls in Denim – Yes, they are coming back and yes, I am a fan.

Sleeveless, square neck romper- If you are not into the jumpsuit and would prefer a romper style here is your pick. Perfect for the warmer weather and to take you right into summer in style.




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