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Canada Goose Jacket

by Kelly Berger
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I don’t hate the winter. Most people do but I actually love snow and maybe because I played and coached outside for so many years (and each winter felt worst then the last) I only hate the cold if I am not dressed properly. So, thats a simple thing to fix to me… get a grip on cold, winter fashion and style up!

This coat is by far the warmest coat I have ever worn! I am not just jumping on the Canada Goose Bandwagon, I promise. It seriously makes you feel like you are prepared for a winter tundra and the best part is it is not an oversized- making you look bigger then you are – jacket.

Its 100% worth the money. Bite the bullet and pick out one for yourself. I promise it reminds you how right you were to buy one each time you put it on.

Now, the next thing you must make sure you are prepared with when its cold out, is good shoes. You have to make sure your feet are toasty. This boot in particular has a wedge style, (obvi.) but they also come in a flat boot look. These literally feel like slippers on your feet with  fur lining all the way through (even to your big toe). They give you the option to fold down or wear up giving you the choice to style the look they way you want.

So there you have it. Combine cute and warm and I promise you wont mind winter either.


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