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It’s Beach Week… and I have all the Beach Essentials!

by Kelly Berger
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It’s a tradition.

Yes, the beach is a tradition in my family and BEACH WEEK is finally here. Every year, this time of year, my family’s annual Werle Beach Trip takes place. Now, if you have not already guessed, I love the beach, the hot sun,  the pool, and thus I love summer. I love it all and it would just not be the summer if we did not have a full week “down the ocean” in August!

Here is a quick snippet. My mom is one of 8 children. A big family that comes along with a lot of cousins. I mean A LOT. Over 20 and that is just counting my mother’s side and no counting the great grandchildren that are around. We all head down to the beach for a full week. The week has been set for years and you come and go when you can. Each brother or sister of the 8 rents a house anywhere between 126th street and Fenwick Island here in Maryland.

Yes, we have an itinerary of activities sent out to keep us all in line each day and believe me we know how to have fun. Typically you can hear us before you can see us and I am cool with that because FAMILY rocks and no, you can’t pick your family but if I could I would pick these guys.

So, as I pack on up to head out for the week I thought I would share my beach essentials when hitting the sand. Trust me, we always have more that we can add based on the day but this is a good starting point.

Headed down the ocean ‘hon! Enjoy!



Straw Hat: You always need your face covered. Protection is key and this hat is the bomb! Check it out.  Under $12.00 and comes in a billion colors. Match it to your favorite bathing suit!

Sunglasses: I love myself a good pair of sunglasses and every time I wear these someone wants to know where I got them. A few different color options to pick. A great Nordstrom find!

Beach Flip Flops: The sand is super hot and these are always my go to. You can get them wet too, no problem!

Beach Towel:  I love a good beach towel but I love the ones that are oversized and still light. These do it all!

Sunscreen: MUST PROTECT YOUR SKIN. I have very olive skin and I am very lucky that I do not burn but that does not mean I do not protect my skin. Gotta go waterproof, duh!

A Solid Beach Bag: My mom got me this bag a few years back and it has turned into my boat/pool/beach bag. It is water proof, the perfect size and has a little pocket inside to protect all things valuable. I LOVE it and highly recommend it. Plus, how cute is the crab!




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