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Build an Outfit

by Kelly Berger
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Ok ladies… I am trying something new, play along!

Build an outfit:

Here’s the idea…

I am going to tell you to walk into your own KLOSET and pick out the base of the outfit I am looking for you to build. We will add to this base but your only objective is to find the BASE in your own KLOSET. This will be something basic and something you probably already own and if you do not have something exactly like what I am talking about I am sure you can find something very similar.

Today’s “Build an Outfit” basics are… 

  1. Button down shirt
  2. Jeans
  3. Booties

Now that you have those three things  I am going to help you style the look. By just adding a few simple things to spice it up and make the look your own. I asked my friend Ally to join in on the fun and she crushed it. You will see below we style the look different but they both work great. I actually like the look she picked even better then my own!

LOOK 1- 

I paired my basics with a long cardigan sweater. Giving this look more of a layered, cozy look. I tucked the button down in just so the entire outfit did not look like it was “drowning” in layers. This gave the look a bit more shape and by adding a tan belt this helps to (1) show your waist but (2) it is a great way to tie the color of the shoes in.  If I wanted to take it an extra step, I could have added a scarf like [this one].




LOOK 2- 

When I told Ally what the base of the outfit was I was excited to see what she came up with. The fun about this “idea” is you can make the look unique to your style. When I saw what she picked I immediately took notes to make sure the next time I pick a button down to wear I use her style.

Ally paired her cute buffalo checkered shirt with a herringbone patterned vest. The fitted vest worked perfectly and I loved how she combined the mix of patterns. No need for her to tuck in her shirt because of where her vest lands on her hip. I am also a big fan of the small cuff when wearing booties and jeans. Well done Ally 🙂

OUTFIT DETAILS: BUTTON DOWN (So many color options)  |  JEANS | BOOTS | VEST (Under $40.00) 



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