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Adopt a Kid

by Kelly Berger
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When my mom reached out to me to ask if I would want to participate in the “adopt a child for the holiday’s” program her work was hosting, my immediate thought and response was no.

No, I did not have time and just could not be bothered with one more thing on my to- do list. It felt overwhelming to me and just one more thing added to the list was not what I needed at the moment.

And then, I stopped. I stopped and took a breath. 

I remember clear as day… I was taking my laundry out of the dryer and I was lost in thought and I said out loud to myself… “Stop being ridiculous, of course you will participate.” So, I tossed my laundry on my bed and immediately rounded up my girls over text and email. I asked if they wanted to join in with me and reminded them just like I reminded myself that there are so many kids out there that do not get a Christmas like we did when we were growing up… and it is simply not there fault (It took no convincing at all to my incredible girlfriends and they were on board right away).

Together we tackled the wish list that was sent our way and in that very moment I felt like a superhero. A superhero that would never get to  meet this 5 year old little girl but just the thought of knowing I was going to help her wake up with the feeling I had on Christmas day when I was growing up, meant more then anything in this world. It made all the things on my “to-do” list really not feel THAT important. 

So we made a night of it. We all chipped in, got everything that little Kayla asked for and became Santa’s elves for a night. Wrapping, tying and just enjoying the moment with one another to GIVE. 

Christmas is right around the corner. And you have the choice to make it stressful and something that just becomes a glorified to-do list… or turn it in to a chance to help others. Even if it’s just opening a door for someone, looking the clerk in the eye and saying thank you…whatever it  may be, we have the choice to make it what we want. I hope we can all just find a little bit of this  in us this holiday season and to remember what the holiday’s are all about.


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