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Yogi or just Yoga

by Kelly Berger
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I don’t want to go as far as calling myself a “Yogi” because I don’t think I have mastered Yoga enough to give myself that name. I am also not sure if I can say I LOVE yoga.

BUT I do LOVE the way it makes my body feel when I am doing it.

I fell in love with Yoga about 6 or so years ago when my now Sister In Law, <Nila> began teaching it. She taught a class called “Yoga for Athletes” which was filled with a lot of people like me (not to worry… she will be on this blog with me sooner or later giving all her insight on all things Yoga). People that knew how good yoga was for the body and mind but were not the best at it, nor craved it the way we probably needed to. Most of us just enjoyed running really fast with a stick in our hands down a field chasing a ball. <i.e. lots of laxers>

But, she taught this class that felt like a mix of Yoga moves and everything else Kelly and every other athlete needed to make their body feel so much better when completed. It was so great, we all fell in love with it and that feeling of what Yoga really was, quickly changed.

I personally feel in love with that “post yoga” feeling and ever since then I can honestly say that when my hips start to scream at me, or my hamstrings start to snap back… I know the proper little “Nila Style” yoga will do my body good.

Hey, if you wear the yoga pants why not at least try a few yoga moves while you’re in them.



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