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How I get through the 5AM wake up call!

by Kelly Berger
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Let me start this entire thing off by making clear that some days sleeping in is 100% necessary. I want to make that clear  because I will be honest that I am not one of those people that just spring out of bed on a chilly, rainy Sunday morning when I have the opportunity to maybe sleep a bit longer then my typical 5am wake up call.  But, I will say, that 5am wake up call has had massive, positive impact on my life.  Don’t believe me, here, I’ll break it down for you. (See also –The top things that help me jump start my day.)

How it all goes: 

I get it, it is hard to get out of bed and I get the question a lot… how do you do it? Well there is two answers to that. One, it is my job. I am in the fitness industry and typically you have weird hours and sometimes they can start very early. Two, I just do it. I get out of bed. Simple as that. I do not talk myself out of it (I may hit snooze once), but other then that up and go. Two feet on the floor – lets go! (That’s the pep talk I give myself).

Those of you that maybe have late hours for work or just really different schedules, maybe the answer for you is not 5am, but maybe just 1 hour earlier then what you typically wake at. (try it and see what happens)

The first few moments: 

Yup, first few steps —> COFFEE MAKER! Coffee is a must for me. I allow my 10 minutes of coffee time for my body to slowly wake up and have those few quiet moments for me (typically one of the pups is snuggled up with me).  I also love to put the news on. It allows me to feel like I know what is going on in the world I am about to step out into. If you are not a coffee drinker I do recommend you find 10 minutes in that period of just waking up to do something that is soothing and gives you a few moments to yourself. For some people thats checking emails, writing out notes for the day, reading a passage. Whatever it is start those first few moments for yourself.

Sweat, Sweat, Sweat: 

Then it is time to get dressed and head out for my own personal sweat. Now, growing up my mother was always an early riser and would head first thing to the gym (She still does this). So, I started this by following her footsteps. It was not always easy and yes sometimes the first couple steps are dreadful because you feel sluggish (I get it). But trust me, dont give up. You get out of that fog quickly and honestly there is no better feeling of accomplishment when you are done that workout before most of your co-workers are still in bed! I can not start my day without some sort of sweat. I like to call it my morning facial for the day!

Depending on the morning I prefer to get at least a little 30 minute interval run in my own on the treadmill. It allows me to sweat, wake up and have that “me” time before I start coaching up others the rest of the day. Everyday can be different and some days I get a lot longer “me time” in the gym, but that is my limit! And, even though my job is structured around working out all day, this time I take for myself. It is focused on me and only me and it allows me to make myself better. It allows my head clear for the day and ready to take on anything that comes my way! Trust me, post workout you will feel like a super hero… and in my eyes you kind of are!

Setting yourself up for Success: 

So, by the time I am back from my workout and sometimes its a workout and a class… it’s time to HIT THE SHOWERS. I usually turn on the TODAY Show or find some good tunes from Alexa and I get myself ready for the day. Whatever the day looks like (and each day looks somewhat different for me)  I know once I am back from that “me morning routine” I am set up perfectly for a great day.  At this point I feel productive, energized and positive. All feelings I know I want to start my day!


  • Lay out all my clothes the night before [This includes both my workout clothes as well as my work clothes for that day].
  • Set up the coffee maker for the morning so all I have to do is press BREW.
  • Write what my next day looks like in my notebook [This includes things I hope to get done and meetings that I may have].
  • Clean up all dishes and organize the living room space [This allows that space to feel peaceful when it is the first place I sit in the morning].
  • Package up any lunch or snacks that I plan on taking with me the next day so it is an easy grab and go.

5AM is not easy but it is WORTH IT: 

I can defiantly say being an early riser has had such a positive impact on me. Like I said from the start, there are always days that call for that REST  and trust me I am a BIG BELIEVER in this. But the productivity, the energy, the positive feelings that come out of that early wake up are unmatched. When we are productive, we feel good. We feel strong, we feel good. When we feel like we are making ourselves better everyday, we are our best selves. Cheers to the mornings and you becoming that best version of you!



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