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Baltimore Half Marathon. My Race Prep Details

by Kelly Berger
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Since my last instagram post about the completion of my most recent half marathon. I have been getting a ton of questions and request to fill you guys in on everything from my race prep, to my day-of mindset and so much more. My hope is I can answer all of those questions here. Like always, please do not hesitate to ask me any other questions that I may not answer.

Making sure I am Race Ready:

This starts weeks beforehand. As I have run more and more half marathons and long distance races this has become more “routine” for me. Yes, I do train all the time and I do agree that this is an advantage I have in my lifestyle. But pressure builds with that because I then have no excuse to come into race day unprepared. My very own training goes something like this:

  • Speed work during the week with a mix of hills and sprints (adding the hills in once or twice a week) My speed work is typically done on a treadmill but that does change time to time.
  • Strength training 4 times a week (typically full body focus each time).
  • Then, one day a week (typically Saturday’s) I take a long run. Starting at 6/7 miles and each week I try to bump 1 mile or a 1/2 mile depending on how far out the race day is.

It works for me but keep in mind each person is different. The key is you have to figure out what works for you. The most important for me is making sure I am prepared and ready to run,ย  allowing me to feel confident and less nervous on race day.

The Night Before:

They typically say carb load and make sure you hydrate. And yes, I tend to do that… but I try to not leave that for just the night before the race. I typically try to drink more water then normal starting three or four days prior to race day and continue that mindset up to the night before I go to bed. I try and eat clean and nourish my body always but show it a little more love a few days out from race day. Plus, I make sure I am still not depriving myself of things that I want. I keep this in moderation “pre- race” but if I want a beer or a glass of wine the night before the race I have it. Then I just make sure I am also chugging some water along with it.

As someone who continues my workouts up until race day. Some like to take off, but the day before specifically I like to break a little sweat and make sure my body is still in that “GO mood”. Again, personal preference, but you have to do what works for you.

Lastly, I always make sure my clothes, shoes, socks, headphones, race bib, headband… and whatever else I think I need is laid out the night before. I do this on a daily basis anyway but I triple check it all the night before race morning. You never want to have to be worrying about those kind of things the morning of.

Race Day:

Its exciting. You have nerves no matter how many times you have done it. Just like a typical morning I have my coffee, maybe a sip of water (not much to be honest) and I typically do not eat anything. This is something that works for me. Not everyone so figure out what your body needs and keep it routine.

I always suggest having a buddy. Even if you are not “running” with your buddy, you have someone you can go with to the race, cheer each other on and push one another. This gives your someone to link up with post race. ย It just makes things a little better having a buddy feel what you just felt. As a team athlete I always like to think I have a teammate by me that is going to crush it too!

During the Race:

Try to take it in. I continue to tell myself… in any race there is going to be waves that you feel really, really good… and then there will be waves where you feel down right crappy. Ride the wave. Never too high, never too low and make sure you remember if there is that point where you feel really crappy you breath and push through. There is a moment where you will break through and get to the other side.

I am getting a ton of questions asking what I have in my nifty fanny pack that I wear when I run. I giggle at it because its nothing to crazy. No magic potion inside. Honestly, it’s my phone (which plays my music), Chapstick (burtsbees), my house key, and this time I had a pair of gloves that I wore at the start of the race, that eventually turned into tissues [Gross, haha]. I do not have gel packs or drink water during races (I know that is strange, but just not my thing), so my fanny pack is pretty boring.

Most importantly dont forget to smile and allow yourself to feel the accomplishment while you are in it! Wave, encourage the ones around you, sing to your music… whatever it is, enjoy it.


You have worked so hard… and yes, I work out all the time…

BUT take a day after your race to bask in the feeling that YOU DID IT!

No matter what the distance, YOU DID IT. No one else, YOU DID IT. So take a rest day, sit on the sofa, enjoy your body doing nothing! Congrats!

Get after it. I believe in you!


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My race buddy Katie. Walking to and from the race with her, encouraging each other on the way. It makes

things way better with a buddy!

Always be sure to thank the people that support you and encourage you. My cheer squad is always #1 and I could not do it without the love and support they show me the entire time.

The Baltimore Marathon

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