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Yoga – Do It

by Kelly Berger
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I don’t like to stretch. I’m not good at stretching and it takes extra time that I do not always have. I am an athlete… do I sound like one yet?

Stretching does not feel good in the moment, I get it. BUT… it is so darn good for you.

Ok, so all the yogi’s are like… “yoga is more then just <stretching> Kelly.”

Yes, you are right, but I do not always go to yoga for a workout. If I get one that is a plus. Well, I should rephrase that…

I want to go to a yoga instructor that will give me both. Marissa’s got you.
She has a whole bunch of videos online you can do at home or wherever: SUBSCRIBE to her channel.

So thats what I do. All jokes aside I do like to use yoga as a time to slow down and focus on me. It’s a workout for me to get out of my comfort zone a bit but most importantly I like to use yoga for a time that I can open up my body and feel like I am giving it that release it needs. The release from all the sports, the running, the lifting, the spinning… all of it.

A chance for me to take a billion INHALES and EXHALES and to remind myself, slowing down is important for the body and its something we all need.


XOXO. Kelly


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