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What’s in my Gym Bag

by Kelly Berger
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Do you ever walk out of your house with 5 bags in hand? Balancing your keys in one hand and your coffee in the other. Yup, thats me! Most times I look like I am leaving for a few days but in reality its just a couple of hours.  Lets just say  I like to be OVER-prepared. Sometimes this can become obsessive but I always like to feel like I have everything that is needed just “incase” I may need it.

I am typically going from class, to the gym, back to class, maybe a mid day coffee meeting and then back to class, possibly even an evening trip to the driving range (working on my golf game, yes still working…). I typically make a stop at home here and there but you get the idea.

The one bag I always make sure is packed to perfection is my gym bag. The gym is as place where I take that time for me. It’s the time I get to work on whatever I want to work on. I put my head phones on, listen to whatever music I feel like and just get lost in my own thoughts. With that said, everything that is packed in the gym bag is there for a reason. That bag has no “extras” or “unnecessaries”. It is packed with needed things and things that are personally important to me in order for me to have a productive time at the gym.

I often have people look at me and say “what is in that thing?”

Well here it goes 🙂 …

1 – I always have my running shoes. Running is one of my favorite ways to sweat.

2 – I always workout with a headband. Treadbands is obviously my go to!

3- I always have a few good magazines and a book in my bag to distract me while doing a little extra cardio post run.  (I love the stairmaster)

Ladies… Get. This. Book.

Girl, wash your face by Rachel Hollis. I promise you will not be disappointed.

4- I do incorporate weights in my time at the gym but I also love utilizing exercise bands and incorporating those as well into my workout.

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So, now you know what I pack I would encourage you to get your bag together. It  leaves less room for an excuse and when its time to head to the gym you are ready to go. Take time for you and get lost in your own thoughts with your own music.




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