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What Music Means to Me

by Kelly Berger
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Since music fills my days, I thought I would fill your Friday with some feel good beats.

Typically I am preparing a playlist for a class, yelling at “Alexa” to change to the next song {while I am cleaning my apartment of course} or putting together music to get me through my next long training run.

I love all kinds of music and I really do believe music can change your mood anytime, any place. Often, I get asked a lot if I can share my playlist and so today the answer is YES. Below are two playlist I have put together for you. One is a great mix you can use for running, spinning, working out… whatever you want! The other is more of a chill mix. Great for times when you may just need some feel good background music.

I will say, if you ask me next week to create a playlist it may be entirely different, simply because of how much I listen to music. But for today, these are some of my favorites! Hope you like them.




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