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Under Armour Leggings

by Kelly Berger
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As requested a breakdown all of the most recent Under Armour Leggings I have been sharing are listed below. Before we begin lets revisit my requiremnets for a good pair of leggings…

  1. Must be high waisted.
  2. Must stay up while I wear them and workout in them (high waisted helps this).
  3. I prefer the length to be mid calf or longer.
  4. I typically like a solid color but if the pattern is cool I will consider branching out.

These below have all passed the test so feel free to check them out and enjoy a pair for yourself!

Fly Fast Tights

Exercise preferred in these = RUNNING

High waisted + the addition of the “track zipper” at the bottom make you feel like an olympic runner as soon as you slide these on your body. The  addition of the drawstring inside the waist helps keep these in place for every mile.

Links Leggings

Exercise preferred in these = GOLF

High waisted with pockets! The martial is a slick thin material, really allowing you to take on any movement. I also love the slit, cut detail at the bottom hem of these. Giving a finished look.

ColdGear Run Storm Tights

Exercise preferred in these = RUNNING

Very similar to the fly fast tights, a little thicker for cooler temperatures but still one of my favorites to run in.

Fly Fast Crop

Exercise preferred in these = RUNNING / BARRE / SPIN

**These are the leggings pictured in a pattern**

These squeeze you tight in all the right places. Similar to the Fly Fast tights, just shorter in length. High waisted with a thick waist band these bad boys you can do any exercise in. A bit more cropped then long so if your prefer shorter these are your go to.

Speedpocket Run Crop

Exercise preferred in these = RUN / SPIN

These are perfect for any high intensity workout. A very athletic style legging. The mesh details looks amazing and it allows a little breathing room.

Breathelux Crop

Exercise preferred in thesev= RUN / SPIN

This material I describe as … bathing suite material. A little more of a slick and satin like feeling but has a ton of stretch and sits high on your waist. Small little holes along the side of the leg gives these leggings cute detail and again another breathable feel.


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