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Styling a Leather Jacket

by Kelly Berger
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The leather jacket is an amazing thing.

You can really wear it almost all year long.

It comes in a so many different colors and styles.

When someone has a cute leather jacket on you immediately think – that girl’s got style sense.

You can dress it up or wear it more casual.

Since I am dressed in a more athleisure type look through the week, you can find me making it work in a more causal way. It’s one of my favorite ways to trick my mind in thinking that my laid back casual look, looks way more put together because I added a leather jacket. I promise it works like a charm every time.

Another little hint: Add an oversized scarf and you look even more put together.


A few of my top picks for Leather Jackets :



Scarf (this is not the same scarf, since this one is no longer available- but I LOVED this one!)

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