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Lunge Series

by Kelly Berger
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If you are like me you are always looking for a good way to get that extra booty/leg burn in. So, I am sharing a lunge combo I like to use when I am craving all of the above.

I would say to start with lower weight (maybe 5lbs or 10lbs in each hand), build up to a heavier weight as you conquer the form of the lunges perfectly.

Repeat this series three times through.

Rest once you have done all three exercises and then take on the next round.

Forward Stepping Lunges (Alternate legs) — 20x total

***Be sure that you are keeping your back straight, your tail tucked and your arms strong by your side. When stepping out make sure you are stepping far enough out that your knee does not push pass your toe. Think, railroad tracks with your feet. In other words you do NOT one foot in front of the other when stepping out. Always make sure you are dropping that back leg down as close to the floor as you can get and push back up steeping your feet back together coming back to the start.

Back stepping lunges  (Alternate Legs) — 20x total

*** Alternating legs again, stepping back using the same idea of not stepping one foot behind the other but sticking with the railroad tracks mentality. Tuck your butt underneath of you and stand tall. Lower both knees down, trying to get them to 90 degrees and bring them back to the start.

Curtsy Lunges (Alternate Legs) — 20x total

*** Keeping your hips square take one of your legs back behind you towards the back diagonal of the room (Think like you are curtsying to the queen). When dropping your back knee to the ground remember to keep your chest up and zip everything tall towards the ceiling. Return back to the start and switch legs.

Keep in mind that these movements do not need to be rushed. Better form is what you need to be focused on.
Try it all out and feel it all the way through every bit of your legs and butt!


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