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It’s not just Group Fitness

by Kelly Berger
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Group fitness defiantly holds a very close place in my heart. I don’t just say that because its my full time job … well, maybe I do… BUT… I also think it is one amazing way to get a killer workout in for many different reasons.

A lot of people say they are scared or intimidated by Group Fitness. My response to that… if some place or someone makes you feel uncomfortable or like you are not welcomed – LEAVE. That place does not deserve YOU!

The kind of group fitness I support is the kind that motivates.

Pushes you to be the best version of yourself.

Makes you feel stronger and more powerful each time you walk out of a class.

The one that makes you sweat like crazy but also one that allows you to see the fun in it all.

The one that makes you want to say man that was so hard… I’ll be back.

I teach spin and barre but I believe this should apply to every group fitness class that is worth it.

I dont just think of myself as a teacher, I think of myself as a coach. I COACH each and everyone of my students to push a little bit harder because I know thats what they want and thats why they came. We are all human. We are all competitive not just with one another but with ourselves. I know that if I can try to get my students to see this within themselves, they will keep coming back to find out more, not only about themselves but about about the potential they have to be that much better.


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