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The Amazon Coat…

by Kelly Berger
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I am a bargain shopper – or I should just say I am sucker for a good deal. So, when I saw a few blogs and saw a bunch of posts about this famous “Warmest Jacket Ever, under $130.00 Amazon Coat” … I had to see for myself. So I bought it.

Annnnndddd, I am not going to lie I was very excited to hear that my package had arrived with the coat. Lucky for me, the day it came it was 19 degrees here in Baltimore – so, you could say I was able to really put it to the test.

Annnnndddd… drumroll please…. I am hear to tell you that it stands up to what they say.

It’s $129.99. It is cute and stylish. And its a pretty darn, warm coat.

It has this goose like, feather material inside making it feel like you are wearing a down comforter. Who doesnt love that when its frigid out. There is perfect pocket placement and has a billion pockets to be sure you can hold ALLLLL the things. The hood is deep and spacious and FLEECE, making it feel like you could sleep in it. And, just in case you feel a little too toasty or you need a little extra room, it has these sweet side zippers to help you out. I will say the quality of the jacket really surprised me! I was expecting a little less based on the price point but really does feel and look like it costs a whole lot more!!

Its a 10 out of 10 for me and I think a great find at an awesome price. Amazon comes through once again and crushes the style game. Well done!

XOXO.  Kel


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