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by Kelly Berger
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I will admit, sitting on the sofa and just finding time to “lounge” is tough for me. Always, I find myself doing something or better yet, looking for something to do. I am not and never will be someone who will feel comfortable sitting on the sofa for hours on hours. Its just not me.

Are there occasional “special occasion” days that this happens? Yes, but this is just not something I tend to do. Don’t get my wrong, I will sit on the sofa and watch a basketball or football game or “This is Us”… but you can usually find me multitasking at the same time. This may include folding laundry or writing a playlist during the commercials. I know, a lot of people say this is bad or I need to find down time, but honestly that is down time for me. That is what works for me and I am good with it. I am not here to judge you if you are someone that does the opposite and honestly I respect it because I know everyone needs their own kind of “downtime”.

If chilling on the sofa for you means your are lounging with your feet up and you can shut everything out for those few hours then thats cool, be you. If you are more like me and seem to always be multitasking and that works for you, then let that work for you. In my opinion, its all about finding what works for you and making sure that you find some downtime, in whatever way you can.

Side-note: Even if we don’t agree on what is the right way to “lounge”… you can trust me that this is the perfect “lounge outfit”. Trust me on the comfy clothes!




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