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Jean on Jean

by Kelly Berger
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Jean on Jean. Its a funny thing and sometimes I go to pair it together in my head and I say to myself…

“no, that will look ridiculous”

And then I see some cute girl walk by and she’s rocking Jean on Jean and it looks great!

So, I have come to a conclusion that there is a certain way to wear the Jean on Jean look and I am going to share some of my tips on how I feel is the right way to rock the look.

A couple major pointers…

  1. Break it up with a belt. This will give your look a mid point and will avoid the problem of looking like a complete denim blob.
  2. Make sure you have a different color shoe on other then Jean. I recommend a tan colored shoe. No Jean color shoe! (Not sure who has those anyway, but just saying.)
  3. Add a cute poncho or scarf. I like the poncho look in particular because I think it add more to the outfit.

I have picked some of my favorite ponchos that are out right now. Sadly, this one I have one (I just got on sale at Anthropology) is already sold out! (bummer) Not to worry though, I did the online shopping for you and here are my favorites with very similar styles!

Fringe Knit Poncho – This comes in four different color styles and I love the added fringe – It is also on sale for $22.00!

Faux Fur Patternblock Poncho – You know how I am with fur and this is the perfect amount of fur to pair with Jean! The vibrant colors on this one jumped out at me right away.

Plaid Poncho Sweater – This one is from Target and I just love TARGET EVERYTHING. The plaid is perfect and the way it stitches together under your arm makes it so easy to wear. Its like a cardi-poncho.

Patchwork Poncho – The perfect color combo with jean, tan, white and gray. This one is a bit heavier so it will keep you cozy all winter long.

Colorblock Poncho – This one adds a spring feel to it all with the light pink coloring. Another great color that pairs perfectly with Jean.


Try the style and pair it up with one of these cute Ponchos.


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