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Happy Birthday Kelly’s Kloset

by Kelly Berger
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Well, I am late for almost everything. ANNNNNNDDDD I am just going to go ahead with the theory I heard the other day… people that run late seem to live a happier life, I guess they are less stressed?!? 🙂 But seriously, in all honesty there is no other excuse for this other then… well, I’m late. But, if you would please join me in wishing a big fat HAPPY BIRTHDAY to KELLYSKLOSET!

We turned ONE just a short time ago and all I can say is HOLY HANNAH time flies. When I started this entire blog thing I didn’t have many expectations. I just figured it would be a good platform where I could share all of you my favorite things in fashion and fitness. People warned me and told me that it was a ton of work. I listened but I promised myself that if it started to feel like it was too much “work” then to call it quits. This is something I wanted to do for fun annnnndddddd I can sit back and look at this past year and honestly say I have kept my promise. It has been a ton of fun and never once has felt like “work”.

From the first day and  launch of Kellyskloset.me until now I have loved the journey. I have nothing but positives to take from this first year and just like everything in life I have learned so much from this experience. So, here’s to another year of sharing even more things I love in the fashion, fitness and #KellysKloset world.

Happy Birthday!


OUTFIT DETAILS: TOP  |  SKIRT   |  SHOES (These are sold out, but I have picked out another pair that will work even better with this look) | 


Leather Skirts – Options

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