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Bell-Bottoms – Styled Two Ways

by Kelly Berger
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Some hate the look. Some dig it. But, when I decided I wanted to share my love of bell bottoms with you I knew I could call on one specific chica from my girl gang that loves them just as much!

Meet my girl Alex 🙂

Alex (@alexaust_) has a billion amazing talents (a short list includes… making hard lacrosse skills look easy, helping you pulse your way to a killer body in her SCULPT or CORE POWER class, and always making sure the people around her are having fun), the one that I idolize the most is that anything she wears she makes it her own and it is always adorable. I would even say she can make it sexy, trendy, and classy all at the same time! She knows whats in, whats out and if it is not cool yet, it will be soon because she is rocking it.

I love this chic to the moon and back and thats why I just had to get her advice on how she likes to style her bell bottoms look. Don’t worry – I threw my style advice in there too.

Check it out and try them out. I promise you will be hooked.



Kelly’s Style Advice:

  • Always add height by wearing a wedge or a heel. I always feel best with a little height but when the pants are wide at the bottom you need this even more. It makes your legs look longer.
  • Try and stick with a more fitted top and do not be afraid to show a little skin. The bell bottoms can tend to have a lot of fabric so this makes it more acceptable to show a little bit more skin on the top.
  • Try and stay away from a bold patterned top. You do not want to look like you are going to the disco. Let the pants do the talking.

Alex’s Style Advice:

 “I LOVE bell bottoms for any body type and height because they’re fun and flattering 🙂 they can be dressed up or down and worn to any occasion” – Alex 

  •  No matter what top (crop, sweater, T-shirt, bodysuit) I find that it must be tucked in. Because the bottom draws attention, the top needs to be sleek and show off the waistline, giving a break in the look. I love a cropped sweater or even tucking in a graphic T in the front.
  • Even with my height you need to have a wedge of some sort. Bellbottoms are normally tight in the booty and that little heel gives you that extra “umpf” we all want.
  • HAVE FUN and add a cool different accessory. You’re already bringing the 70’s back so I love to add a hat, loud suede jacket, or maybe a soft bandana around my neck. Draws the whole look together.

So, as you can see we both have similar ways we style our bell bottoms but always make sure to make the look your own. That’s what fashion is all about anyway right? Be you and find what you like!




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