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A Week’s Worth of Workouts

by Kelly Berger
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I get the question a lot… “do you really run everyday”. Well, the answer is yes, kind of… I do take off one day a week (typically). And 99.99% of the time it is Sunday, the day of rest.

BUT, here is the thing… I also do a lot of other things.

I still swear to myself that running makes all the difference for me. Both physically and mentally it is my thing. If I had only one workout I was allowed to do for the rest of my life, running is what I would pick. That does not mean I love it all the time (I have discussed this before), but I really think it is the single, best full body workout I can get. (I know this is my opinion so please do not waste your time arguing if you think I am wrong or disagree :))

And yes, I teach a range of classes all week, including spin, barre, and some boot camp style classes. The most important to my schedule though is making time for MY workouts. Although, I get a sweat when I am teaching those classes… I still like to put myself through my own workouts and be on my own training schedule the meet the personal goals I set for myself. So, the next question I get is … what does that training schedule look like for you. Welp, here it goes…

Monday:  Interval Treadmill Run (longer distance race) + Stair master + Full Body Lift
Tuesday: Interval Treadmill Run (I teach 4 classes this day so I rely a bit more to get my work in through those classes on Tuesday) 
Wednesday: Interval Treadmill Run (speed & hill focus) + Full Body Lift
Thursday : Workout with my Trainer (whatever he has in store) + Small Lift
Friday: Interval Treadmill Run (get after it, last of the week) + Full Body (lots of booty) Lift
Saturday: A Long Outdoor Run (Depending on the time of year, this can range from 6 miles to 11 miles)
Sunday: REST

Try it and let me know what questions you have! I can’t wait to hear more!


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