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Sweater Weather

by Kelly Berger
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Sweater. Jeans. Boots. Check, check, check.

It is that time of year that this almost feels like a weekend wardrobe. As winter is here I find the next best thing to cozy up in, other then a good pair of high-waisted leggings, is a cozy sweater.

And as much as I am dreaming of sunshine and jeans shorts I can deal with sweaters and jeans a bit longer. I am a girl who loves different seasons mostly because the change of clothes.

I wish you could reach your  hand through the screen and feel how soft this sweater is. It comes in a few different color options and I just discovered it in a sweater dress style as well … which I love!

My gray jeans are a favorite pick because it branches away from your typical blue or black jean look. High waisted, obviously, and these in particular have no rips so you can get away with “dressing” them up a bit more if needed.

I also am obsessed with these boots. Steve Madden and the perfect tan color that goes with everything. They have the perfect platform and they are so comfortable! I am a girl who loves height on her boots but I promise I would tell you if these where uncomfortable. 

Oh yea, and don’t forget the best mug in the world. 🙂



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