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Leopard Booties

by Kelly Berger
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I do love a good animal print on pretty much anything. BUT I am a really strong believer in making sure,

you style the look the right way.

Now, the “right way” is strictly my opinion, so please take it or leave it but here are a few rules I think you need to follow when styling animal print with any look.

  1. Keep everything else prrrreeeettttyyyyy basic. Let the animal print do the talking.
  2. Stick with solid’s. Try not to add any other patterns.
  3. Do not double up on the animal print. What I mean by this is, do not wear a pair of shoes that have animal print and then also carry an animal print clutch.
  4. Buy Animal print pieces that you can wear with many different styled looks (products that you can both dress up and wear more casual)
  5. Be sure to add a pair of animal print shoes in your collection this season. They are so in right now and I found the perfect pair for ya!

Like I said, this is my advice and my opinion so you be you… but I am here just to help and guide you in whatever way #kellyskloset can ๐Ÿ™‚ .







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