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All My Favorite Lips

by Kelly Berger
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You asked so I am going to try and answer. I have gotten a ton of questions about what lip color I wear. Well, that answer is … its always different. My choice depends on what I am doing and where I am going. Very rarely do I walk around with nothing on my lips, because lets be honest, a naked lip feels …well, naked.

So, whatever you call them lipsticks, lipstains, lipgloss… here is a list of all my favorites and the ones I am working on becoming my favorites because I know there is always room for variety and COLOR 🙂

“Stay all day” Liquid Lipstick

  • NYX Satin Ribbon — My everyday lip. Very neutral with a hint of pink. Looks a lot like your normal lip color but great to have as an everyday color.
  • NYX Embellishment — This one is a hint darker then its cousin “Satin Ribbon” and is leaning more towards the plum/purple hues.
  • STILA All Day Lip “Fia” — This color is the color everyone wants there natural lip color to be but we know its not.  Making it more of a neutral but it can transition easily from day to night.
  • STILA All Day Lip “Dolce” —This one is  darker then its cousin “Fia” and crossing into the darker brown hues.
  • STILA All Day Lip “Dolce Vita” — My favorite cool purple color hue for a long wear lip.
  • STILA All Day Lip “Biscotti” — More of a taupe brown color. The most brown color I wear made by  STILA

Lipgloss or lipglass (you decide)

  • MYTH Lipglass — I like to wear this by itself or overtop of a neutral color to give a little extra shine. It is a bit thicker, but this allows it to last a long time and gives the perfect natural glow to your lip.
  • OH BABY Lipglass — Most of the time I wear this one by itself. It is a golden brown with a little sparkle. I love this for my run errands/ everyday gloss. It gives you a little something but nothing crazy.

Chapped Lips! 

  • Burt’s Bees Vanilla Flavor — Vanilla flavor is the key here! No color, just moisture. Buy this in bulk… trust me, you will thank me.

A darker Lip for an amped up night:

  • DIVA —  This one is more of a reddish plum look.
  • TWIG –— A more muted brown pink, much more soft then “DIVA”.

Well there you have it. Have at it and tell me what you think. I also want to hear about some you may have and love and you think I should try! Comment Below!




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