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Favorite Makeup Right Now

by Kelly Berger
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It is spring and it is quickly going to move into summer. That means changes in clothing, temperatures and even your makeup! I get asked all the time to share what my skincare and makeup routine is. No, this is not that but I thought I would warm you up by sharing one of my favorite make up products RIGHT NOW.  And when I say it is my favorite, that means I wear it everyday!

I am not one of these girls that will tell you that I love the all natural – no makeup look on myself. I think a lot of girls crush it and pull it off great! I am also not telling you this to say that I feel I always need to wear makeup. For me, its more that I just really like makeup. I like to wear it. I like how I look with it and no… I do not think anyone NEEDS it, I just like it, so I wear it. It is as simple as that.

My makeup obsession for spring, into summer… the Urban Decay Warm Color Eye Shadow Palette.

It is a perfect complement to those warmer temperatures and tanner skin we all have coming for us! I have listed a few of the most popular palettes right now from Urban Decay and have flagged below the one I am currently obsessed with and the one I wear e-v-e-r-y-d-a-y ! 

It does not disappoint, trust me.


Shop these Urban Decay Palettes:

Naked2 Palette – This one has ranges from sparkle, matte to dark. It gives you a big range of

anything you may be looking for.

Naked Ultimate Basics– Exactly what it says, all the basics. Also on sale for under $25.00! SALE 

Naked Palette Petite HEAT – Warm hues and all the neutrals you need to take you through all the warm temperatures. [Pictured Below]

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